Attorney Charles Tucker addresses African Bar Association regarding the case of Dr Malachi Z. York.  A Liberian citizen, diplomatic agent, and Consul General for the Republic of Liberia.

Attorney Victoria Broussard Addresses Dr York’s Legal Current Legal Efforts


Dr. Malachi Z. York

Help FREE Dr. York

help free dr york

Dr York is an  internationally recognized Liberian citizen, diplomatic agent, and Consul General for the Republic of Liberia. A world-renowned author of over one thousand books dedicated to the sole purpose of liberation and unification for all people. A famous Musician and Inspirational songwriter and the mind behind the design of Tama-Re an African/Egyptian styled city and theme park in Eatonton Georgia.

He is currently being detained and tortured in the most secured prison in the United States of America “Florence ADX Max correctional facility” under the name Dwight York (17911-054) and is serving a 135-year sentence for crimes that he did not commit, and has currently served 16 of those years in solitary confinement.

He was illegally arrested on May 8th 2002, and we say “illegally” because Dr. York is not only innocent but also a diplomatic agent, consul general, and citizen for the Republic of Liberia protected under the Vienna convention.

This fundraiser contributes to legal service fees to the Cochran firm fees, prison visitations, phone calls, legal correspondence, other legal team expenses, travels expenses, public relations and media cost all on behalf of Dr.York.


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