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◇ We, Sabaeans/Nuwaupians observe this coming day, TAWUH WAAHUB “Thanks Giving” (Previously known to us as “The Feast of Gratitude”).
Why We Celebrate Thanks Giving:

● We Thank Paa Murzaqu “The Rizqians (Providers)” for:
Wajud-aan “Existence”
(1.) Etheric Being
(2.) Mental
(3.) Soul

● We thank Paa Mundjaru “The Overseers” for:
Thaah’um “Overstanding”
(4.) The Right Knowledge
(5.) The Right Wisdom
(6.) The Right Understanding

● We thank Paa Muslaf-u “The Ancestors” for:
Minwah’-aat “Genes”
(7.) Spirit
(8.) Positive Blood Type
(9.) Body

?NINE in all, for the Nine Gold Candles

● We are thankful for our Saviour as:
Issa Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi
Malachi Kobina York
Bah Bah Yaanuwn
For our culture, way of life, our language, and living For, Of, and By each other as Musbat-u “Sabaeans”

● Namaz-ur-nun “Our Prayer” (To Be said before we eat):
Bi Paa Ranan Em Paa-Murzaq-u, Paa Gawdu Murzaq-u Shalel Borah
“In the name of the Providers, the best Providers of food”

● Paa Maa’ad “The Table Spread”
The table of food is to be covered with a red tablecloth with nine gold candles. We have a feast of foods, sweets, drinks (No alcohol), cakes, and pies. We give prayer of thanks to the above, we give thanks to each other by a card or a small gift. We dress our best in white for community dinner held at 3pm on that day.

Nakhab-nus Wu Fareh-Nus “Healthiness And Happiness”
* Source- 2019 The Sabaean News (Youtube.com)

Previously Feast of Gratitude:
(1) “The Feast of Gratitude is a Feast Thanking the provider for all that he had Provided us with. In Gratitude of our Health, Nourishment, Home, Clothing, for our ability to move, speak, feel, communicate, and all the other Blessings that we take for granted regularly. Everyone is dressed in their best clothing and a family Feast is held. The homes are decorated, filled with a festive and joyous atmosphere.
Entertainment is provided including performances for and by the children. There are also live musical performances and a movie is shown during dinner. When the shadow hour is well in, the children are sent home and the festivity is continued for the adults. A late CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER is also held, for all the members of the neighborhood.”
*Source: 1998 Nuwaubian Calendar (Scroll#200)
(2) “The Feast of Gratitude is a feast Thanking the Nazdaru (Overseers/Observers) for all that they have provided us with. On this day we thank the Nazdaru for bringing us the Truth and Freeing us from the spell of ignorance. Our home is to be decorated with the symbols of our dress. Comets are also apart of the decorations symbolizing the sighting of the Comet Bennet, which occurred in 1970 A.D. and marked the opening of the seventh seal. The feast is presented and the children and adults eat. You can invite anyone to the feast. When the dinner is served we thank the Nazdaru with a feast consisting of Turkey, sweet corn, cranberry sauce, cider and pies.”
*Source: 1996 Nuwaubian Calendar


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