We, The United Sabaeans Worldwide, are devoted to the upliftment of humanity. We are animist as well as ontologists, aligning ourselves with the vibrations of nature, the earth and cosmos. We tie into our family and blood link by way of one of our great ancestral mothers; the Egyptian ruler; Queen of Sheba, also known as Makeda and Maa’at’ Kaa’ah’ Rayay. Her throne name was known as; Hatshepsut of Egypt, in which she ruled a vast empire. We, The United Sabaeans Worldwide, aim to raise the mentality of humans beyond this illusionary world, and our goal is to help transform earth’s polarity, from the pole of negativity to the pole of positivity, via the means and propagation of ONLY truth and facts, catered for this day and time.

For over 50 years, we have been uniquely taught and guided in our way of life; Wu-Sabat, by Paa Munbab (The Master): Bah’ Bah’ Yaanuwn, also known as H.E. Dr Malachi Z. K. York. Our culture and way of life is rich, entailing our very own ancient language; Misbatiya (Sabaic). Wu-Sabat is the science of the original creative forces, in which and with the universe was grown, the original forces of 9 ether of the African people in general. These forces gives you the power and authority within yourselves that are strong enough to help liberate you from adverse and deceptive forces and make our own people free and equal to each other.