These Are The Nine Jewels Of The Devoted Male Sabaean Who Are Proud To Be Of WU-SABAT And Accept (The Master) PAA NABAB: YAANUWN As Their Personal Savior.

1. PAA TARAQ “The Way”
2. PAA MISTAR “The Jacket / Mitjaj “Crown”
3. PAA MIAQAD-AAT “The Beads”
4. PAA MIMTAH “The Cane”
5. PAA PATAN “The Egiptian Dagger” (Does not have to be a real one where not legal)
“The Jewels” Symbol Ankhtwy, Ring, Pendant”
7. PAA MISHWAL “The Shawl” Coloured, red, white, black, gold
                                              8. PAA MIJDAL “The Braid” (at the back of the nape, ends with beads)
                                              9. PAA MISWAR “Photo of Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn” colour pocket/wallet size