Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird (Eagle) Dr. Malachi Z. York-El is 77 years old, born June 26, 1945 A.D. He has been chosen by the Clan Mothers and Tribal Chiefs to be the President and Head of State of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation/United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. His maternal grandparents are Yamassee, Massachuset, Moors and his paternal grandparents are of the Yamassee, Massachuset, and Washita Mound Builders. His great aunt, Diane Fletcher, a Yamassee, Kiowa, raised Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”. Diane Fletcher’s father was the infamous explorer, Ben York (1779-1893 A.D.), a Malian Moor, who served as a guide and translator for the Merewether Lewis and William Clark (Expedition Date 1804-1806). One of Ben York’s Indian wives, the infamous Sacajawea (1787-1875 A.D.) of the Shoshoni tribes, was chosen to be on the gold dollar coin, which came out in 1999A.D. She gave birth to Maku “Chief” Washakie (1824-1900 A.D), a Shoshoni, Washita, Yamassee, who is Maku: Chief Black

Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird is also a blood relative of Chief John-Horse who was Ben York’s brother Juba (1792-1887) by a different father. Chief John Horse or Cohia a Yamassee, Seminole, was noted as a Black Sub-Chief who joined forces with the Seminole during the Second Seminole War which began during the 1835 A.D. He aided them in defeating Colonel Zachary Taylor (1784-1850A.D.) at the Battle of Lake Okeechobee, which was also in this same year. This Battle is quoted as being “the most decisive upset the United States suffered in more than four decades of warfare in Florida with runaway slaves and Native Americans “Indians”. This battle with the Seminoles still continues even today.

Chief: Maku: Black Thunderbird, Dr. Malachi Z. York’s mother, Mary C. York (1924 A.D still living) is Empress and Clan Mother Leader, a Massachuset, Yamassee tribe of Indians, the daughter of Leila Williams a Yamassee Massachuset Moor and Bobby Williams an Egyptian Moor. Leila Williams’ maiden name is Leila Miller. The Millers and Washington’s, who are Washita Native Americans, moved from Louisiana as Creoles, and lived amongst the Geeches in Charleston, South Carolina. Leila was also the daughter of Dwight, a Yamassee Massachuset, the son of Ben York and Annie Sunbeam. Leila was the mother of Mary C. Williams, Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird’s mother. Mary C. Williams married David P. York (1916-1991 A.D.), who was her second cousin. Annie was the mother of Dwight and the Seminole wife of Ben York, and her tribal name is Sun Beam. Now Bobby Williams, Mary C. York’s’ father, was an Egyptian Moor named, Salah Hailak Al Ghalat, a merchant seaman from a little village called Beluwla (Toshka), in Nubia of Ancient Egypt. Back then, the Egyptians dressed in black suits and crimson colored fezes, being of Moorish descent. So Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” Dr. Malachi Z. York-El is also related by blood to Ben York on his mother and father’s side. In Native American culture it is a fact that the family lineage comes from the mother, the Mitochondrial DNA.

So he is linking to his mother’s tribe the Yamassee first and Moor second. He is a 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th, 15th, 14th century Native American and his tribe, the Yamassee Native Americans of the Creek Nation by blood, for which he has been chosen by the tribe to be the Maku “Chief”, Head of State, President, has existed continually since before the European invasion.

Ben York (1779-1893 A.D.) of the Lewis and Clark Louisiana, so-called purchase, where he was declared free by William Clark (1770-1838 A.D.) William Clark signed manumission in 1802 A.D. to free a slave named “Ben”, which is Ben York. He changed his mind and Ben York was freed after May 1811 A.D. Ben York also left a trail of progeny along the Expedition’s Path. According to the book ISBN# 0-87081-144-4 which is the cloth version and 0-87081-149-5 which is the paper back version In Search of Ben York by Robert B. Betts, on page 71 it states, “…on the return journey, he (York) found that he had become a father of a little Nez Perce Negro…occasional modern Nez Perces with kinky hair are perhaps descended from this child of the Mandans in 1899 signs of the York could still be detected among them.” This also makes Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle” a descendent of the Nez Perce one of the various Native American Tribes. Ben York was the son of Old York, also known as “Yusef Ben Ali” (1756-1861 A.D.)
Ben York (1779-1893 A.D.) of the Lewis and Clark Louisiana, so-called purchase

Ben York’s parents were named after one of the Great British Families, The Yorks’ from “Yorkshire, Northern England”. The ancestors of these York’s in England were Black-A-Moors, which is seen on the Yorkshire Coat of Arms. This is why still today the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation have a large Moorish congregation in London England, Europe today. The name York applies to the blue blood ruling house of the Ruling House of Yorkshire England (from 1461-1485 A.D.), which included Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III. Some of the Black-A-Moor Yorks also came here to these shores of what is now called the United States, and settled along with the English settlers, and this is whom the Yamassee Tribe went to live amongst, near Beaufort, North Carolina, when the Spaniards betrayed Black Yamassee tribes who trusted them and sold many of them as “Slaves” in 1680 A.D. in their own indigenous land called by them Muu-lan, which is called Georgia today. However, after the Yamassee War in 1715 A.D. some of them were again sold as “Slaves”. So it was the British of European decent that gave the Yamassee and mixed Moors the surname York.

Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle” was also raised by Leila Williams, a Yamassee, Massachuset, Creole of South Carolina, and his Great-Aunt who was the daughter of Black Spear, a Yamassee, Massachuset, son of Annie “Sun Beam”, the wife of Ben York. Amongst the Native Americans, the seed is through the mother, and according to the Act of 1910 A.D. if you are 1/16 of a Native American, you are considered a Native American first and Moor second. Diana Fletcher being his Great Native American Aunt would make him also a Native American. Also according to the Act of 1924 A.D. if you are 1/16 of a Native American you are considered Native American, this would make Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird (Eagle) Malachi Z. York-El a Native American through his great great Grandmother Rose, a Washo woman, who was the mother of Ben York, a Yamassee, Washita.

Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle” is the Protector of the Secrets of our culture coming from a long line of chiefdoms he keeps the original Yamassee language one of them, the Muskogee dialect, which also includes Moorish words. The Yamassee Native American Moors still have their original Muskogee alphabet, practice their old customs, dress, rights, rituals, and ceremonies. Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird is the keeper of the secrets best kept Sacred for the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, Seminole, Creek, Shoshoni, and Washita Mound Builders. Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” attended and University of Khartoum, Sudan, Africa and the American University Cairo, Egypt he graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and Teaneck Jr, High school, in New Jersey. Where he did all his research and discovered our long hidden past which links the Natives of America to the original mound builders Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana and of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, North East Africa as well as the many Pyramids of North and South America before the continental drift. He is fluent in many different languages and dialects.

Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” has authored over 1000 books since 1963 A.D., pertaining to various topics, such as World Religion, Health, Science and Cultural Identity. Some of his most renowned works are the translations of Biblical books: Revelations, from English to Galilean, The Torah and Psalms from ancient Aramaic Hebrew into English, The Nobles Koran from Arabic to English and the keeper of the sacred scroll, The Holy Tablets. He has also held sacred the teachings of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nations language called Yamassic also known as Nuwaubic of the Muskogee, Clay Clan dialects.

Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird’s “Eagle” profound teachings about humanity, peaceful resolutions to cultural differences, and awareness has inspired and transformed many lives. Each year tens of thousands of people and tribal members from all over the world come and visit, Wahanee “The Golden City”, Tama-Re, Al Tamaha on our Chiefs Maku’s Birthday in the month of June and to hear the motivational lectures of Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”. The tribal elders of the Federally Recognized Navajo and Hopi tribe of Native Americans and many other tribes have recognized him as the bearer of the sacred symbol. The Imperial Empress of the Washitaw Empire Verdiacee “Tiara” Washitaw Turner-Goston El-Bey and the Imperial Emperor Joe Washington of the Washitaw De Dugdamoundhya, Washitaw Empire who are known as the oldest indigenous people on the planet, recognize him.

The Yamassee Native American Moors are one of the largest existing predominantly black tribes. All tribes on these shores North and South America and from the many islands of the Caribbean’s, Panama, Brazil Guyana, Hati, Dominican Republic and Belize there is no doubt about whether the Yamassee Tribe are the indigenous people to this land. The land was originally called Mu-laan. The sacred name is Wahanee, Altamaha and this goes back to the early chiefdoms of the Yamassee Tribe. Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird is first a Native American and secondly he is a Moor by blood and by inheritance.

Author: clanmother