We are The United Sabaeans Worldwide  and we welcome you to our website. We Are A People And Government Of Retained Sovereigns.  We have been serving communities far and wide in the upliftment of humanity, providing subject learning forums and classes on many and diverse subjects, to increase self awareness and to create a better life.

Here you’ll find a wide palette of cultural richness, in the forms of educational books, that is positively revolutionising so many minds worldwide. Exquisite garments for both men and women, and also children, accessories, health products, incense, pictures/posters and much more.

We, The United Sabaeans Worldwide, are a people of ancient ancestry, linking all the way back to ancient Antarctica (The Egg Island), Africa and beyond. For millennia, the earth’s inhabitants have looked deep down into the seas and have looked up to the skies and beyond to the stars, having an intuition that there is much more to them than meets the eye. Many stories of true events have been relayed from mouth to ear, written and logged, in various methods, such as on; tablets, bones, plates and stele. We Sabaeans link and practice our way of life, knowing that we have family-relatives from the stars, like many of the stories of old have proclaimed.

Wu-Sabat existed for a long time, before religions and dogmas were created and formed within the four cycles, each of 6,000 earth years; 1st Sun Cycle, 2nd Moon Cycle, 3rd Sun Cycle, 4th Moon Cycle, and today we are now moving into the beginning of a new Sun Cycle, which is also within a much larger cycle of the 24,000 years. These galactic and universal cog movements are the grand shifts of life and existence. 6,000 years ago Wu-Sabat gave way to isms, took on terms such as; pantheism, paganism, polytheism, monotheism, all in accordance with the paradigm, it became religion as we know it today, which is a system of faith, beliefs, worship and laws of men.

However every 24,000 years, at the end of the fourth cycle of 24,000, a reformer is born amongst humans, an avatar or Illa Muta Jassida, an incarnation, called Paa Munzal Nadjar Amun Nubi Re Akh Ptah, (Djedi), to renew our story and way of life and to bring in the new cycle of complete change.