The Sanctuary Of Yaanuwn is a beautiful and unique shrine and temple complex, designed and dedicated to The Master: Yaanuwn

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Excerpt from The Sacred Records Of Nadjar: Atum Rayay

Scroll One: The Beginning

Vs.1 “Come let us Nadjar-u go down there and unify their tongues into one language, the one true language of their past, and dispel of the diversity and confusion, Babel, that scattered them across the face of the planet Tanen “earth”.

Question: What must be done to break this spell?

Vs.2 They must all speak one tongue. So come let us give them back our and their only true language, Sabaic, that everything in their minds that they will imagine to do, they will be able to do.

Vs.3 So come now ye Nadjar-u and let us go down, as Anunnaqi and perform this great ceremony of the resurrection of the dead Gods, for they have been dead for long enough. Their imprisonment before the blinding light of misinformation must end.

Question: So the light is not the truth that can dispel of the ignorance?

Vs.4 You are more apt to be blinded by light than you are by darkness, the state in which the Nabab-u: Nadjar-u “Yahweh Elohyeem” dwelled when he and they said, “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3).

You must return to your own and become insane again, sane from inside knowing your tones, your S’awat’ “Voice”, knowing what to do to maintain yourself, keeping your genetics pure, and turning yourselves inside out, outside in – only in that way can you be transformed back to your state as Kharad-u Em Paa Nadjar-u “Children of The Overseers” or Mundjar-u “Ones of the Overseers”.