If you could ask the Master Teacher any question what would it be? This Incarnate deity, has been raising and feeding the minds and souls of our people for over 50 years. The lost and down trodden, those in search of spiritual guidance and mental upliftment. Those in search of the answer to the woes of this troubled world. Our Saviour in flesh, amongst us, for the lost yet found tribe of Kedar and Judah. Al-Mujadid “The Reformer” for this day and time.

We are nearing the end of this 24,000 year period, as Al-Mujadid “The Reformer” teaching us our original story, we must continue, as the women are to write the next 24,000 years of our story.

The man of the hour is here. That hour being: 1970 A.D. to 2000 A.D. ,the first 1/2 hour; and the second 1/2 hour from 2000 A.D. to 2030 A.D. the hour glass is almost empty.

This is 2024 A.D.

Every 24,000 years is a replenishing period. This planet is sector 24.

This Great selfless being has been “…Giving you what you want, so you will learn to want what I really came to give”. Who has taken you through many life times in one? Who has explained the science of the pyramids, the religions of the world, the secrets of the universe, created 3 empires, re-taught you your own language, your true name, Nuwaupians; a complete way of life? Are you ready to receive this outfomation?

So many prophecies have come true right before your eyes. Look at the world today, evil fair seeming and fair seeming evil. Who warned us as Paa-Munzhar The Warner” of what was to come, year after year, and it all has come to pass? The Master Teacher has never left us without guidance.

He is more than just a man, a husband or a son. He is not a preacher or religious man. Yet, a Master Teacher. Who else in these days and times has written over 500 books to help raise the minds of a people, healed the sick, unending generousity, as well as translating scriptures from the original languages, to break this Spell of Sleep called Leviathan.

“O what fools these mortals be.”

So, again, if you could ask The Master Yaanuwn, a question,, what would it be? For a limited time, you can ask your questions for Paa Munbab: Yaanuwn here.

Åashuq Muysar.