Free Dr York

Dr Malachi Z. K. York was illegally arrested on May 8th 2002 and is now serving a 135 year sentence for crimes that he did not commit, he has served to this day 19 years, and 16 of those, he has served in solitary confinement. He is an internationally recognized Liberian citizen, Diplomatic agent, and Consul General for the Republic of Liberia. Yet he is currently being detained and tortured in the most secured prison in the United States of America; Florence ADX Max Correctional Facility, under the name Dwight York (17911-054).

As Diplomatic Agent, Consul General, and Citizen of and for the Republic of Liberia, Dr Malachi Z. K. York is protected under the Vienna convention on Diplomatic Relations pursuant to a July 21st, 2004 Declaratory Judgement in the Republic of Liberia.

Dr Malachi Z. K. York Will Be FREE!