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Mudrasu Tashruk

Paa Muṡbaṫ-u Mudras-u Tashruk was founded by Bah Bah Yaa-Nun in order to prepare each student with the knowledge and skills that are required to become proficient teachers of Wu-Sabat and spread the good news. Muṡbaṫ-u “Sabaens” from ages 12 and up are welcomed to be a part of Paa Muṡbaṫ-u Mudras-u Tashruk by way of parental consent. Each member of Paa Muṡbaṫ-u Mudras-u Tashruk is to make it a priority to master our language Sabaeic, for this is our protection and that which will free us from the mental Spell of Sleep. Each representing member of Paa Muṡbaṫ-u Mudras-u Tashruk should always look and do their best to teach, for you are handling a lost soul. Especially when representing our Association. In each chapter of Paa Muṡbaṫ-u Mudras-u Tashruk the administrators of that chapter consist of a core group who are serving the purpose of maintaining proficiency and order.

Teachers of the future

The first established Mudras-u Tashruk group often organized events such as Muṡdaq-sh Zamut, Ȧarash-tat Habal-al, Paa Muqdam-u Zamut, Tawuḣ Waahuḣ, Paa Karas Qaṡaṡ, They organized group birthday parties for whomever had a birthday in that particular month. They did pep rallies to raise awareness to causes.

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