These Are The NINE JEWELS Of The Devoted Female Nuwaupians Who Are Proud To Be Of            WU-SABAT And Accept (The Master) PAA NABAB: YAANUWN As Their Personal Savior.

                       1. PAA TARAQ “The Way Book”​
                       2. PAA MIAQAD-AAT “The Beads”
                       3. PAA SHANAN(Mishnan) Pass Key Seal 3 Or More Gold Bangles
                       4. PAA MIJDAL “The Braid” From the temple
                       5. PAA MIPTAR “The Third Eye Jewel” (Hindu called Bindi)
                       6. PAA MISHWAL “The Shawl” coloured red, white, black, gold
                       7. PAA JAHAZ “The Outfit” proper dress colourful
                       8. PAA MIKYAS “The Bag, Hand Bag, For Her Personals”
                       9. PAA MISWAR “The Photograph of Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn” Colour

Female Greeting Demonstration