Monrovia – A 24-classroom building of the New Hope Academy is nearing completion, thanks to the sponsorship of Dr. Malachi Z. York’s Foundation (MYF). Dr. York is a former Liberian Diplomat, who served this nation in the US.

Speaking to newsmen recently, the proprietor, Mr. Lester Wehyee, expressed his appreciation to MYF, which he said continues to support his quest to educate Liberian children.

Wehyee was short on words of appreciation as he looked and saw the fast pace at which the building has been constructed so far in ensuring that his dream of educating poor children, including orphans, remains on course.

“My wife and I started this journey in 2010; since then we are grateful to God that He has led us through. God has connected us with the right friends and organizations, particularly the Malachi York Foundation, and we too have lived up to our commitment and we will continue to let the dream live on,” Wehyee said.

The construction of the new 24-classroom campus, according to Wehyee, came following his eviction from the Outland neighborhood in Zayzay Community in Paynesville.

“Two years ago our landlord decided to evict us. He created conditions we found all too difficult to live with and as such, to not let our mission die, we bought this place in order to build our own campus and continue this noble mission,” he said.

According to him, the MYF, which contributed immensely in buying the land, also donated over US$2000 in cash and materials for the ongoing construction project.

“Dr. Malachi Z. York’s Foundation is not a strange establishment to me. I know them and truly, they live up to their promises. They gave us a 10-tyre load of sand, several other materials as well as 100 bags of cement, and have assured us that they are still by our side as always,” Wehyee explained.

The New Hope Academy, a junior high school, which has been having at least 600 students annually since 2010, wishes to elevate to high school and to increase enrollment.

Wehyee put the cost of the project at US$57,000 with US$23,990 already secured and used.

“Twelve of the 24 classrooms are almost done with while we continue to make effort in raising the balance money to complete the entire ground floor building, hoping that in the future we may add a story over this building for our future senior high students,” he said.

Concerning how he got in touch with the MYF, Wehyee said through social media he became a friend to one of the followers of Dr. Malachi Z. York and since then there has been and continues to be a very close tie between him and the MYF’s family.

“In 2005 our partnership started and after three years, they came to Liberia for the first time in 2008. I hosted them and accompanied them in meeting relevant officials of government and also erecting billboards informing Liberians and all others residing in Liberia that Dr. York who is incarcerated in the United States is innocent and should be released,” he narrated.

Wehyee appealed to the Liberian government to take interest in reengaging the U.S. government in order to get Dr. York release from prison and let him be repatriated to Liberia, his found home before his incarceration.

He said although he has not met Dr. York in person for now, his works around the world and the continuity of his vision by his followers show that he is a humanitarian, an educator and a true leader who wants to see a just and better world for all. He appealed to the Ministry of Education to put in place adequate health measures for all 12 graders, who have now resumed classes for them to stay healthy and safe on the campuses.

Seqen Sekhem Rayay
Author: Seqen Sekhem Rayay

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