Monrovia – Liberia School of the Blind has informed this newspaper that the Malachi York Foundation (MY) has not reneged on its regular monthly feeding program for the students of the school.

In a recent interview with reporters, Mr. Jackson Sowah, principal of the school, said his administration is grateful to the Malachi York Foundation for keeping its promise of providing a one-time regular monthly meal for the blind students.

“Our reliance on the humanitarian support of the Malachi York Foundation has not been let down. They are true friends; we are happy that we have them as our friends,” Sowah said.

The Foundation’s latest feeding was done on January 25. February’s feeding wasn’t held because of the gasoline shortage, which impeded many things. However, the Foundation extended other support to the school.

The Foundation is Dr. Malachi Z. York’s philanthropic foundation operating in the United States of America and other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and Ghana.

The Liberian School of the Blind’s principal further spoke of other donations, including the walking canes and monies the Foundation has made over the past months since returning to Liberia.

“As we express our gratitude to the government, we are also grateful to the United States’ Embassy and other humanitarian organizations, which continue to extend their hands of support to the school.

“The Embassy is funding the construction of a dormitory. The construction will soon be over; we are hopeful that the U.S. Embassy and other philanthropic organizations will provide us computers,” Sowah pleaded.

He named Super Petroleum, the Greater Monrovia Lions Club, the Rotary Club International, the National Lottery Authority and Winners Incorporated as additional number of agencies and organizations supporting initiatives at the school.

“The Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) is helping us with the construction of the computer laboratory,” Sowah stated.

The School of the Blind is a special need institution; it is always in need of materials, which humanitarian organizations can also help provide in order to buttress the government’s efforts.

“This school is a primary school; we have 50 students presently enrolled; 20 are females,” he said. “They are doing well with their lessons. We have introduced hand-on skills such as arts and crafts, soap making, tie and dying and many more.

“This is so because we want to give them a sense of direction that will keep them up, even if they don’t have employments tomorrow because of their sight impairment,” he said.

Principal Sowah appreciated parents of the students for being supportive of the programs of the school.

When contacted, Saqar Ahhah Aherhsu and Den Tut Rayay, representatives of the Malachi York Foundation in Liberia, said they are happy that their organization is committed to impacting lives that are truly in need of help.

Aherhsu and Rayay said the School of the Blind, the New Hope Academy and other educational facilities in Liberia will continue to receive the Foundation’s support.

Seqen Sekhem Rayay
Author: Seqen Sekhem Rayay

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