In this issue ACTUAL FACT: ‘The Sacred Feminine’, Dr Malachi Z K York, also known as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, showcases that women are extremely sacred within the matrix of natural nature, for they are the true human life givers. The honed powers and natural beauty of the woman, has been deceitfully pushed under the carpet, by the inferior behaviour and attitude of the Sacred Feminine’s progeny; MAN.

She is the one, that science had eventually in time, caught up to, and admittedly proven, that she predates man, by her mitochondria DNA, proving that she was able to beget offsprings, without the aid of a man. This also knocks out of the park, the notion from the religious perspective, that a man by the name of Adam, a male, was ever here first.

It is truly women’s time to rule, as the contrary has done a despicable job.


A must read